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Photo Gallery

  • Mineral Ridge Operation
  • Mineral Ridge crushing facility
  • Aerial view of Drinkwater, Mary and Mary LC pits
  • Aerial view of Mary and Mary LC pits
  • Aerial view of crusher and stockpile area
  • Aerial view of leach pad and operations buildings
  • Aerial view of satellite deposit areas
  • Aerial view of the Custer & Defiance Targets
  • Blast in the Mary pit
  • RC drilling on the NW Brodie trend
  • RC drilling at Oromonte
  • RC drilling at the Defiance Target
  • Carbon columns in the ADR plant
  • High capacity carbon column in the ADR plant
  • Loaded gold bearing carbon for shipment
  • Assay Lab - Vented jaw crushers & pulverizers
  • Assay Lab - Oven furnace for drying samples
  • Assay Lab - Fire assay procedure of pouring ore-flux molten slag into cone molds
  • Assay Lab - Close up of molten ore-flux slag
  • Assay Lab - Separating the hardened slag from the lead button
  • Assay Lab - Lead buttons
  • Assay Lab - Heating gold-bearing lead button in cupel furnace; lead is absorbed into the cupel leaving a dore bead
  • Assay Lab - Cupel furnace
  • Assay Lab - Dore Beads
  • Gold pins from dore & refined gold ribbons