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Mineral Ridge

Exploration Targets
Operations Area Map with Drill Hole Locations (PDF 2.6 Mb)

Defiance Target

The Defiance target lies along trend of and ~200 meters southeast of the Custer deposit. Extensive road construction at the beginning of the year allowed for crossing the sizeable canyon that lies between the two areas and drilling on the Defiance target for the first time in 2016. Thirty-six holes were drilled on roughly 50 meter centers, defining the initial footprint of the Defiance mineralization over a ~200 x 300 meter area (see May 10, 2016 news release). Compared to Custer, the mineralization encountered thus far lies at greater depths and over narrower widths due to geological differences between the two deposits. Surface mapping is ongoing to enhance understanding of the geology in the Defiance target area.

Paris Target

The Paris target is a previously undrilled area located NNW of the Solberry deposit. It was targeted as one of several possible northwest strike extensions of the Drinkwater mineralization based on rock chip sampling and limited historic underground workings. Significant faulting to the northwest of Drinkwater has offset and obscured the Drinkwater trend. First-pass drilling in 2016 intersected mineralization in 19 of 24 RC holes collared over a 150 x 450 meter area (see May 24, 2016 news release). Based on a review of the geology and assay results, Paris is not considered a continuation of the Drinkwater trend. No further drilling is currently planned in the Paris target area.

State Bank Target

State Bank is a large target area located west-southwest of the Bluelite deposit. Targeting of the area was based on a combination of soil geochemistry, rock chip sampling, geophysical interpretation and aster imagery. Detailed geological and structural mapping determined that elevated gold grades correlate with fold axes, a feature common to several of the gold deposits at Mineral Ridge.

In total, 78 reverse circulation and two diamond core holes tested parts of the target area in 2014-2015. Approximately 42% of the holes intersected mineralization of interest; however, the majority of holes returned sub-gram gold assays. High-grade mineralization was intersected in two holes (MR151899-900) in the southwest corner of the target area (see December 21, 2015 news release).

Bluelite North Target

The Bluelite North target lies 300-500 meters northwest of the Bluelite deposit and 100-300 meters west of the Solberry deposit. Scorpio Gold's initial phase of widely-spaced exploration drilling in the area intersected significant mineralization in 50% of the holes drilled with several holes reporting mineralization at shallow depths (see July 7, 2015 news release).

Chieftan Target

The Chieftan target is located 500 meters west-northwest of the Drinkwater pit. First pass drilling returned significant results in 10 of 12 holes drilled (see August 24, 2015 news release).

Drinkwater Highwall Target

The Drinkwater Highwall target area is located at the northwest end of the Drinkwater pit. Scorpio Gold's previous drilling had reported significant mineralization left behind in the wall of the pit. A review and modelling of the data from all drilling campaigns and further definition of existing underground mining voids has determined that the mineralization remaining in the Drinkwater Highwall is not economic at current gold prices.

Physik Target

The Physik target is situated approximately 300 meters southwest of the producing Mary LC pit. The area was targeted based a combination of remote sensing, geophysics and structural interpretation. Initial drill testing over a 200 meter strike length intersected significant mineralization in 7 of 9 holes, with drill hole MR141107 returning 31.79 g/t gold over 4.57 meters within 15 meters of surface (see November 3, 2014 news release. Follow-up drilling in 2015 tested within the vicinity of MR141107 but did intersect similar high-grade mineralization.

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